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In the summer of 1999 in Mocksville, NC, 3 individuals, Benny Dyson, WC Phipps, and Harley Howell,

discussed forming an antique tractor and engine club. They decided to gather other interested individuals

within the community of Mocksville. After assembling 30 members, a charter was formed and the

organization became the "Piedmont Antique Power Association, Inc." or "PAPA" in January of 2000.

In the early years of the association, they held their monthly meetings at various local government and community facilities around the town of Mocksville. Today, thanks to the Davie County Senior Services Center of Mocksville, we are able to hold our monthly meetings at their facility located at 278 Meroney Street, Mocksville, NC.

The PAPA is a non-profit organization, which distributes some of its proceeds to various charitable organizations throughout the community. The club holds several annual fund raising events each year. The club is currently setting aside some of its proceeds to fund the purchase of a parcel of land on which we intend to construct a building for club meetings  and to house a tractor and antique engine museum. We welcome anyone interested in antique tractors or engines to join our association.


To restore and preserve farm machinery and implements that were developed and used during the late 19th and early 20th centuries in the agricultural based economy of Northwest North Carolina.

To educate the public, both current and future generations, through displays, demonstrations and participation in shows sponsored by organizations with similar goals, on the positive impact that the evolution of farm machinery has had on "living and working on the farm" in Davie County and surrounding areas.

To promote educational events and activities related to the farm heritage of Davie County and surrounding areas.

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